My entire life I've been overweight. My parents were the type that wouldn't let you leave the dinner table until your plate was clear. I had been going to the gym and running and nothing worked. I had plateaued at 210. I met crystal as she was doing her own work out. I was instantly attracted to her energy. She would go so hard and everyone would just stop and stare at her. I had to ask her "are you a trainer?" Sure enough that's when the relationship began. She not only trained me in weights, she did boxing with me and nutrition as well. It was like your one stop shop for everything. Now I am at 180.6 and can run a marathon and I ran an obstacle course with this girl! Invest in yourself with her and you will exceed your expectations in your emotional and physical well being. 

Jim Masick

 Yonkers, New York


I had been trying for two years to lose weight on my own. It never worked. I lost and re-gained the same 30 lbs. over and over again.  I took a class Crystal was instructing and I was hooked.  I thought, what the heck…let’s give it a try! She might kill me but I will try!!

The first week I lost 6 lbs. I was in shock. The eating plan was very easy to stick to and she was very helpful. What helped me most was that I never got discouraged because every week my weight came down more! I highly recommend Crystal's training program to anyone who wants to see results that they just can’t get by themselves!

Maureen Calahan

Scarsdale, New York

I was a slave to the low fat, high carb and highly processed diets. For 3 years. I lost and gained the same 20-30 lbs ten times. I would eat weight watcher meals, low fat yogurt, pasta, use things like Splenda, drink diet soda, and hate the blandness of so much of the food I was eating. And I ate fruit as a sugar fix. It took about 4-6 months with Crystal and once I switched to her Diet and training the magic started and I saw the scale move, I was obsessed. Hands down she is helpful and knowledgeable and she will get you to your goals!

Anthony Travieso

Scarsdale, New York 

Crystal Elizondo is very knowledgeable and supportive personal trainer. Thank you so much for all your help.

Milagros Tejeda

New York

Actions speak louder than words. Crystal is Awesome and she possesses the talent and expertise to get anyone on a healthy path and in the best shape of your life! Training and interacting with Crystal is like having your very own workout guru. All of her programs are designed to get you going and keep you engaged every single day. There is no better place to start shaping a new YOU, because with Crystal your success is a matter of saying, "when do we start?"

Wanda Hernandez

Fairfield, CT