Alpha Pendulum


    Kettlebell training

    It's well-known that compound, whole body movements typical of kettlebell exercises are superior to machines that isolate muscles for improving muscle tone, body composition, and strength. Further, kettlebells strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less-susceptible to injury.

    Alpha Straps


    Suspension training

    Total body Resistance eXercise (TRX), is a revolutionary workout method that uses your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

    Alpha Punch


    Cardio boxing and kickboxing training 

    Learn self-defence, increase your fitness levels and engage your entire body. The benefits of kickboxing are numerous; From your core, arms and shoulders to your legs and glutes. Kickboxing also strengthens your muscles while increasing your stamina and gives you a tough cardio workout to boot.

    Alpha Paws


    Boxing and kickboxing for kids 

    The number one benefit of boxing/kickboxing is that it is one of the best forms of exercise. Boxing is a very physically demanding sport which requires hard work and dedication. This will instill discipline at a young age that will progress into adulthood. Boxing will enable your child to defend themselves while providing stress Relief in a productive Hobby.

    Alpha Muscle


    Barbell resistance training

    Lose body fat. Weight training builds muscle, as lean muscle increases so does your metabolism. Gain strength without bulking, decrease risk of osteoporosis, reduce risk of injury, burn more calories, improve posture and reduce back pain, enhance mood & reduce stress.

    Alpha Nutrition


    Health coaching

    Nutrition is critical for weight loss.. As a Health Coach I place a strong emphasis on improving your overall wellness. ... I look at exercise, eating, wellness, and food not just as calories and weight loss, but also on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual terms.

    Alpha Core


    Abdominal training

    While core work does help produce toned abdominal muscles, core exercises include a lot more than just crunches. Functional core training is about power, strength and stabilization. Core muscles create a solid base for your body, allowing you to stay upright and stand strong on your two feet.